A Visit from Milt Thompson


Phillies Baseball Academy’s morning was well spent with former Phillies all-star and left fielder, Milt Thompson!

Right out of the gate, Coach Thompson gave our campers some homework. He showed them a drill to practice without using a bat, that works on going through the motions of a swing at home. He taught all of the campers his three easy steps to making perfect contact: relax, step and throw your wrists. Each player got the chance to hit off of the tee with Thompson standing by their side.

Coach Thompson let us in on a secret that even former Phillies player, Chase Utley, spent 20-30 minutes a day hitting off of a tee. Coach Thompson is now a hitting coach in the Kansas City Royals organization but says that we will always hold the Phillies close to his heart.

Thanks for spending the day with us, Coach Thompson!