The Ultimate PBA Phans

In celebration of Phillies Baseball Academy’s opening day we give you the ultimate PBA phans!

DSC_0060-001 DSC_0072-001

Meet Jacob! This will be his fourth summer coming all the way up from Maryland just to play baseball at Phillies Baseball Academy. The Phillies are his favorite baseball team because his dad grew up in the area and is a fan too. His favorite memories at Phillies Baseball Academy are meeting Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, and Ben Revere, and hitting a home run in the first game he played at PBA.

DSC_0061-001 DSC_0064-001

Meet Harrison! Harrison traveled from Virginia specifically for Phillies Baseball Academy’s camp. Previously, his cousin attended PBA and loved it so much so that Harrison wanted to come, too! His favorite team is the Philadelphia Phillies, and he wants to be like Ryan Howard when he grows up. His favorite part of camp so far is having the opportunity to play baseball.

Thank you to Jacob and Harrison for coming all the way up to Philadelphia to play with us at Phillies Baseball Academy!