All-Star Herrera Surprises PBA


IMG_4501Straight off the plane from the 2016 All Star Game, Odubel Herrera surprised campers during Upper Dublin’s ballpark trip!

The fan-favorite center fielder went into detail about his ‘swagger’ when he is up to bat. Herrera explained the importance of being confident when at the plate. He explained the most important part of hitting, explaining that having a good eye is key to being successful.

Phillies Baseball Academy also got the opportunity to meet Bullpen Coach Rick Kranitz, as well as Michael Ondo from the Phillies Operations Department. Coach Kranitz even brought real pitching stats to share with our players. He clarified the importance of doing your homework and studying each pitcher before every single game. Michael Ondo is the Director of Professional Scouting and discussed how his position contributes directly to the Phillies’ success.  Even though scouting is behind-the-scenes, it is still a major role in professional baseball.

As an added-bonus, the Phillies had a workout on the field during our campers’ lunch hour so they got to watch the big-leaguers play!