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Spring Training: Power Position

Spring Training Tips from Phillies Baseball Academy

Welcome to your “at home” spring training workout. Phillies Baseball Academy is here to help you prepare for your season so that you’re ready to play on the first day!

This week’s edition of Spring Training Tips will review the Power Position and proper throwing techniques. These mechanics are important to breakdown and master during the off-season to ensure that you avoid injury and perfect your throwing motion.

This drill can be practiced in a batting cage or outside against a wall.

STEP ONE: Front elbow is up, shoulder height and bent

  • Do not point with your glove (because your arm will get tired)

STEP TWO: Back elbow is shoulder height, ball is above and behind the head, facing away from you

STEP THREE: Hold the ball with a four seam grip

  • Helps the ball to go straight- any other grip will cause the ball to cut or tail

STEP FOUR: Elbow to elbow across the shoulders should be a straight line


  • Front elbow snaps down into the ribs, not out
  • Engage your core, twisting your shoulders to where your chest is pointed at your target. Then, snap your forearm forward, followed by the wrist
  • Snapping your wrist is the most important motion. The harder you snap, the harder the ball will travel