Special Guest Coach: Milt Thompson


Campers got a visit from a very special guest on Wednesday morning who was extremely excited to be back on the diamond. Milt Thompson came out to Phillies Baseball Academy to teach campers a few fundamental outfield techniques and the importance of smart base-running.

A former Phillies outfielder and decorated major league hitting coach, Thompson reminded campers how important it is to not just play the game, but also think the game. He started his instruction with a crash-course in base-running. Thompson taught campers to keep their heads up and be aware of their base coaches as they run the bases. He demonstrated proper technique for rounding a base as well as efficient running form- with hands close to hips and pumping up and down instead of side to side.

Next up, campers practiced their reaction time and drop-step skills in the outfield. Thompson stressed the importance of seeing the ball and judging its path before actually moving backward or forward to make a play on it. Campers practiced dropping their feet to pivot and following the ball while Thompson tested their range and cheered them all on!