Player Spotlight: Meet the Brothers


Breydan and Duncan are part of the Rookie division this week at the Wilmington Friends School, and they’re brothers too!

The duo is standing out in the division with Coach Joe and Coach Allie.  Today, during ground ball knockout, Breydan and Duncan were the last two players on their team in the game. With the help of Breydan’s clean ground ball fielding technique and Duncan’s quick throw, the pair got the final out resulting in a win!

The brothers are a year apart and it is Breydan’s second year at PBA.  Breydan’s favorite position is second base, and Duncan’s is shortstop.  The all-star pair earned themselves nicknames from Coach Joe earlier in the week.  Breydan is known as ‘Tin-man” and Duncan’s new nickname is ‘Slam’ because he is “slamming” the ball out of the park.  These two campers are amazing teammates and have showed amazing sportsmanship this week, racking up a number of Gamer Awards!