Player Spotlight: the Brothers from Bermuda

This week our PBA Waren Filipone location has two campers who have traveled a long way to come play baseball with us. Declan, 8, and Shane, 6, are from Bermuda and attending camp with a family member who is from the area.


We had time to catch up with the brothers and talk about their journey here. They were both born in Bermuda, but come visit their family here every year. Although they prefer the Bermuda weather, they love coming to visit their cousins and are having a blast so far at camp this week. The brothers both agreed that their favorite part of camp so far has been playing games with their teammates, and they’re excited to see the Phillies stadium for the first time ever later this week!

Our two locations are getting ready for the final award ceremonies and their trips to Citizens Bank Park coming up on Thursday and Friday! Stay tuned to hear more about those events toward the end of the week.