Meet Phillies Baseball Academy’s Growing PHamilies


Coach Tom joined the Phillies Baseball Academy family back in 2000 before his son Mason (pictured above) was born! For Tom, Phillies Baseball Academy is the chance to do what he loves by teaching campers, and now his son, something new every day. This week has been a very special one for Coach Tom and his son because this is the second year of their new tradition: attending Phillies Baseball Camp together. We are so happy to have you both in our Phamily. We cannot wait for next summer, year three!


Coach Juan and his three Phillies-loving sons have bonded over Phillies Baseball Academy for as long as they can remember. Juan is a seasoned veteran and has worked with Phillies Baseball Academy for the past 13 years! Juan and his sons love attending Phillies Baseball Academy because it provides them with expert instruction, and is a chance for them to share their love of the game. Jared, his oldest son, tells us that his favorite part of camp is learning new techniques that he can use in real game scenarios. Touring and exploring Citizens Bank Park is also an aspect of camp that he loves year after year. It is extremely rewarding that Juan’s family has followed in his footsteps and partaken in the Phillies Baseball Academy tradition for all of these years! We are looking forward to see this family tradition grow.