Larry Bowa Shares Personal Success Story

Campers had the opportunity to meet Phillies legend, Larry Bowa, yesterday during their trip to the park. Larry Bowa has been extremely devoted to baseball since he was 6 years old. Yesterday, he shared with our campers his personal story of how he made it to the MLB. He told them that he was cut three years in a row from his high school baseball team because his coaches thought that he was too small. Bowa did not allow this to discourage him from playing the game he loved. With much determination, he continued on to play baseball in Junior College. Bowa then proved himself when he was signed with the Phillies and moved up the ranks in 1970. However, there was still those who doubted his ability to make it to the big leagues because of his size. When he reached his goal of playing in the MLB, his determination and drive had everyone in awe. Bowa went on to win two Golden Glove awards, played in the World Series, and accomplished so much in his career. He told our campers that if they put in hard work, heart and dedication, they too can make their baseball dreams come true. Below is Larry Bowa giving his inspirational speech to Phillies Baseball Academy campers!