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Spring Training: Hitting Mechanics


Pictured above: Philadelphia Phillies Legend and former hitting instructor, Milt Thompson, breaks down the mechanics of hitting at camp.

Welcome to your “at home” spring training workout. Phillies Baseball Academy is here to help you prepare for your season so that you’re ready to play on opening day!

This week’s edition of Spring Training Tips will review proper Hitting Mechanics. These mechanics are important to breakdown and master during the off-season in order to perfect your swing and ensure consistent contact with the baseball. This drill can be practiced in a safe and open space in your home, in your garage, or in a nearby gym. Be sure to watch out for your surroundings!

STEP ONE: Bat Grip
     -Line up your knocking knuckles and bend your wrists

STEP TWO: Hand and Bat Placement
-Hands are up in a strong position, a spot where you can attack the ball
-Flex a muscle with your back arm and bring your other hand to join
-Then bring top hand to shoulder height

STEP THREE: Take Your Stance
-Feet a little wider than shoulder width, toes pointed forward, knees bent, tall with your torso

-Swing starts with your back leg and the goal is to get both your hips facing the pitcher
-Hands move towards the baseball, while remaining in-between your body and the baseball
-Once you reach point of contact, flick the wrists and follow through with a high finish