Camp Continues through the Fourth!

This year we have continued our tradition of keeping the Phillies Baseball Academy operating on the 4th of July. Our esteemed and dedicated staff of administrators, field managers, coaches and nurses continued to work tirelessly through the holiday to give the campers a great experience.

Furthermore, this week we had a special visit from the Phillies Assistant Pitching Coach, Rick Kranitz! He took some time to talk to campers about the fundamentals of pitching, and gave them professional tips about good pitching techniques. He also discussed scouting reports, the importance of consistency in a player and maintaining a good all-around batting averages.

Kranitz mentioned that the best pitchers he’s ever coached exude confidence and work hard beyond the field by doing exercises to strengthen their arms on a regular basis. He stated, “If you’re not throwing the ball the right way now, you’re hurting it at a very young age.” He continued to discuss the importance of understanding the fundamental techniques of pitching at a young age.

Overall, Kranitz gave campers some interesting feedback on pitching and answered any other questions they had regarding his professional experience. Stay tuned to hear more about coaches visits like these throughout the summer!