Born To Run

New Jersey welcomes Phillies Baseball Academy this week to Cherry Hill Atlantic Little League! This is the first camp of the season in “The Garden State”, and it is off to a great start.


Monday morning’s main focus is the evaluation of  our camper’s baseball skills. Evaluating and coaching our players is crucial to making PBA a prestigious camp. In order for coaches to give specialized instruction, we must understand where our campers stand athletically, physically and mentally. This will allow each and every player to improve throughout the week.

Initially, players were timed running from home to first base. They were tested multiple times in order to gain confidence, look for consistency and see improvements in their speed.

Subsequently, players were tested on arm strength and accuracy. Each player was partnered up with another camper, and they were put through an extensive throwing program designed by both high school and college coaches.

The second focus of the morning went to evaluating campers through drill work and stations. Our players were instructed by our experienced coaching staff in the proper techniques of fielding a ground ball, catching a fly ball and swing mechanics. By having a strong mix of focus and fun, Phillies Baseball Academy prepares all players to play at the next level!