The Best of The Best, With A Special Guest!

The last day of PBA camp was filled with excitement!  The campers participated in various competitions that included home run derby, fly ball challenge, ground ball knock out, and pitching accuracy. At the end of the day our campers were a part of the Phillies Baseball Academy awards ceremony, which was hosted by Field Manager, Joe Dean. Our campers worked extraordinarily hard all week, and now their efforts have paid off. These awards are meant to recognize the work ethic of our PBA campers, which they have consistently displayed throughout the week! All parents were invited to attend the ceremony, but guess who else showed up? THE PHANATIC!

The famous mascot came rolling in on a golf cart right before the ceremony; what a HUGE surprise for our campers! They were full of delight when the Phanatic danced around and posed with our awarded campers. Thank you Phanatic for making the awards ceremony a truly special event!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the awards PBA campers received:

Coaches Award: Award recipients consistently demonstrate a dedication to improvement, a devotion to their Team, and consistent support for their teammates.


The Gold Glove AwardCampers who receive this award consistently exceed their peers in proper fielding technique, range, arm accuracy and consistency.


Batting Champion: The Batting Champion represents excellence in batting technique, contact, and clutch.


Cy Young AwardThis award is presented to campers who demonstrate proper pitching mechanics, control and consistency.


Congratulations to all our campers for an awesome week at Phillies Baseball Academy! Everyone demonstrated dedication to baseball excellence, and we are extremely proud. Go PBA!