Advanced Player Week at Newtown Edgmont Little League

Phillies Baseball Academy’s final week of camp for summer 2017 kicked off this week at Newtown Edgmont Little League. This week differs a little from those prior, as it is our “Advanced Player” Week! This camp offers a more in-depth level of skill development for players that are more experienced and range from ages 8-14. The drills and exercises that our players participate in are designed to improve their skills in all defensive and offensive aspects of baseball, as well as build their arm strength.

This week our players had the opportunity to meet and work with Phillies legend, Milt Thompson! Thompson played for the Phillies in 1993, and rejoined the team as a first base coach in the early 2000s and later became the hitting coach during the 2008 World Series victory. He now currently works as the Minor League Hitting Coordinator for the Cincinnati Reds.

Thompson took some time to talk to our players and give them professional hitting advice. He taught them the “Relax, step, throw” technique, and how to properly approach and line up to the plate. He also showed them the best ways to grip the bat that with help them get the most power behind the ball.

Stay tuned to hear more about our Advanced Players as our final week of camp continues!