Graduation And Awards

At the end of each session, all campers are recognized at a closing Graduation & Awards Ceremony. Campers who exceed the skill levels of their Division are inducted into the next Academy Division and campers are honored with Milestone Awards in recognition of the number of years that they have been enrolled in the Phillies Baseball Academy. Awards for sportsmanship, leadership, dedication, hitting, pitching and fielding are also presented at this time.


In honor of all the dedicated Academy campers who return year after year, we are proud to offer exclusively-designed Milestone Awards for campers who are in their second year and beyond. Each Milestone Award honors the number of years that a camper has been with the Phillies Baseball Academy.

2nd Year Milestone

At the Reunion Night this fall, campers will receive a chance to win a dance on the dugout with the Phillie Phanatic at the Phillies game.

3rd Year Milestone

Receive a chance to win: Four tickets to a Phillies home game and dinner at Citizens Bank Park.

4th Year Milestone

All Campers who have attended three or more summers will be shown on Phan-a-Vision as they lead the traditional Phillies Baseball Academy Parade prior to the Phillies game. The parade takes place on-field during the Academy Camper Reunion. Campers also win a chance to throw the Official First Pitch at a Phillies home game on your Reunion Night.

You could also win a batting practice with a parent at Citizens Bank Park, and four tickets to the Phillies game that follows.

5th Year Milestone
6th Year Milestone
7th Year Milestone

Also, receive an official Phillies Baseball Academy Bat Bag when you reach your seventh year milestone.